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My new shit. Enjoy.
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I saw this on :iconkuchikiyorume:'s page, and Dean needs more character depth. :D

1)Pick one of your OCs/FCs
2)Answer the questions as if you were your OC/FC
3)Tag 3 OCs at the end of this meme.

1.) What's your name?
"Dean Parker, nice to meet you."

2.) Do you know why you got that name?
"Um, ask my mom. :D I have no idea, honestly."

3.) Single or taken?
"Currently single. My ex dumped me for no reason!"

4.) Do you have any power or ability?
"Not really, I'm just an average human. Superhuman powers is more Sachio's thing..."

5.) Stop being a Mary-sue!
"...*death glare* What did you call me?"
Admin: I'd start running if I were you. It takes him 5 seconds to get to his baseball bat. >.>

6.) Uh... if you had to fight a strong opponent, do you think you'd win?
"Well, I probably would if it's not some kind of crazy demon or alien. I HAVE been working out a little more lately."

7.) Riiiight... do you have a family?
"My mom and dad are still alive, and I have a good relationship with them. I've moved out already, though."

8.) Oh? What about pets?
"Not at the moment... I'd love to get a Labrador, but the butcher's shop doesn't pay me enough."

9) Cool, I guess. Tell me something you don't like.
"When people don't know when to back off."

10.) Anything you like?
"Animals. They're just so carefree. :) Especially dogs, they always look so happy to see you."

11) Do you have any hobby/activity you enjoy to do?
"I love reading or hanging out with friends."

12.) Have you already hurt someone in some way?
"*hides a bloody meat cleaver* I have no idea what you're talking about... ^^;"

13.) Have you.....killed someone?
"Wouldn't dare!"

14.) What kind of animal are you?!
"...Panda! *comes out in a panda hoodie*"

15.) Tell me your worse habits.
"People say I can get a little overprotective at times."

16.) Are you inspired by someone?
"That Yuno lady has the right idea, I'd say. :D Google her if you don't know her, she's awesome."

17.) Gay, straight, or bi?
"I'm not sure, I guess I'm pansexual."

18.) Do you go to school?
"I just finished school... My current job is my first. :)"

19.) Do you intend to marry and have children some day?
"Of course! I just haven't found 'the one' yet."

20.) Do you have any fangirl/fanboy?
"Not that I know of. ^^;"

21.) What are you afraid of? I promise I won't laugh!
"Clowns! They've got creepy smiles..."

22.) Ok, ok. What is the colour of your hair?
"Natural blonde... That doesn't mean I'm stupid, okay? >.<"

23.) Eyes?

24.) What do you like to wear?
"Anything that goes with my brown sweater. It's just so comfy!:)"

25.) Ok. What is your religion?
"I don't really have one, but I respect them all as long as they don't harm anyone."

26.) Did you want this quiz to have finished by now?
"*shrugs* I'm cool with the questions, I guess."

27.) Well, it still didn't finish.
"Err, can we hurry it up a little? My break's almost over."

28.) Anyway, where do you live?
"In Itsumono City, the same city as Sachio. You'll get used to the aliens, evil spirits and demonic creatures eventually."

29.) What social class do you belong to? (low, average, high)
"I'm an Average Joe, I guess. I make enough money to pay my rent and do the daily stuff, but my usual budget is pretty tight."

30.) How many friends do you have?
"*counts on his fingers* About 5 close ones."

31.) Wow. If you could change something in you, what would it be?
"I sometimes miss small details, and that always ends up biting me later on. I wish I could prevent that."

32.) If you had a million dollars, what would you do with them? And I don't want a cheap answer, alright?
"I'd probably pay off my rent first, help Sachio pay for his school career, and lastly, I'd help the butcher redecorate his store. He's really getting tired of that run-down feel the place has right now. Oh, and I'd get myself a dog. A brown Labrador."

33.) What do you think of pie?
"Omnomnomnom, apple pie. <3"

34.) Right. What is your favourite food?
"I'd say this Dutch dish called 'Boerenkool'. It has potatoes and some kind of cabbage, and the Dutch eat it with either 'rookworst' or ham."

35.) Favourite drink?
"Strawberry soda."

36.) What is your favorite place?
"There's this lake near the city with cherry blossoms around it. I always go there when I need to think."

37.) What do you most hate?
"People who go through my stuff without asking... Sheesh, privacy! Especially that drawer on the left of my dresser."
Admin:*whispers loudly* Kniiiiiiiiiives.
"Shush! >.<"

38.) Do you still want this quiz to end?
"Kind of. *checks watch* My boss is going to kill me..."

39.) Well, yeah, it ended. D8
"Okay, see you later! It's about that time that most people are done with their working day and come to our store, so the boss really needs me up there."

40.) Now, you! Tag 3 people/OCs!
Admin: Whoever want to do this meme, I guess. :) I get lazy on tagging...


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