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My new shit. Enjoy.


Wow, some person telling you to kill yourself. Really, who still does that? Sheesh, that person HAS to be wasting their time here... I'...

I write these sometimes.


Yuniku by Melanie-sama
Whoops, my hand slipped. Yuniku, pull up your kimono! :D

I forgot to add Yuniku's necklace, so I decided to try and draw the wound he usually covers with it.
Adrian by Melanie-sama
Oh man, this thing's been sitting around on my for ages! About time I publish another non-human character anyway. :D

Name: Adrian

Age: Unknown

Race: Doll

Gender: Appears male

Adrian was the pride of Ray's collection. Of all the dolls he had displayed in the special room he reserved for it, he was especially fond of this one. The most striking part about his newest addition was Adrian's trademark smile. The doll wasn't too big, but it brightened up the entire room. Adrian didn't get dirty often, but Ray never failed to keep his prize in perfect condition. He couldn't believe the former owner had sold this model on eBay for such an agreeable price. Little did Ray know the reason behind the cheap pricing on the doll...

It wasn't long before the collector divided his attentions to other matters, and after that, other dolls. Slowly but surely, he was forgetting about Adrian. Dust piled up, his joints turning rusty from humidity. Neglect took its toll on the former center of the room. One day, when Ray walked by, he noticed Adrian's trademark smile was gone. The doll nearly looked angry, even though his face wasn't poseable. Having read a few stories about living dolls, Ray saw this as an obvious warning sign. The doll ended up in the trashcan outside his home.
The collector was found the next day, his head smashed to pieces. The police is still stumped to who the murderer is: Ray's favourite lamp was covered in blood, but no fingerprints could be found on the murder weapon. The case was eventually closed, and an officer took Ray's favourite doll out of the evidence room. He figured it would make a perfect gift for his niece...

It's actually pretty rare to trigger Adrian's wrath: As long as he's kept clean, dressed and displayed in a visible area, he'll be a normal doll. He'll understand if there's pressing matters in his owner's life, but he easily angers if somebody talks bad about him. He usually moves when the person isn't looking as a warning: Adrian proves too shy to move when people are looking. A clear warning sign to his owner that he needs more attention is when he stops smiling. Though his face isn't poseable, Adrian is still capable of talking. He rarely does, though. Standing at 50 cm (or 19,685 inches) and made out of steel, Adrian is still poseable thanks to an iron 'skeleton'. This means the classic way of stopping a living doll won't quite work on him. He might be fireproof, but there's still a way for his victim to stop him. His joints are especially vulnerable to water, so it can basically render him immobile within seconds.
Holy fuck, I might have solved my dilemma of 'I want to create a new alter ego, but I don't want to be seen as arrogant'. 0.o
New alter ego for RP purposes: yay or nay?
Boo! by Melanie-sama
"Ha! You should've seen your face!"

Yuniku likes startling people when he's bored... Especially his sister. :D I tweaked his skin colour a bit, since I noticed it came a little too close to the colour of his kimono while I was working on this.
  • Mood: Excited
Ah, question thingy, long time no see. :D

Tagged by: :iconwlewis92:

1. do you like stuffed toys (plushies, stuffed animals, etc.) if so do you have a favorite one?
Yes, I actually still have this plush rabbit I've owned since I was 1... ._.

2. what is your opinion of pokemon?

Neutral, I guess.

3. If a bear peas in the woods, is the cone really there?

4. 2*87-3=?
171... Yes, used a calc.

5. what is one of your fondest memories?
There was this authority figure who caused me unspeakable trouble in high school. Sent me to the school doctor, school attendance officer, AND the report point for child abuse over nothing. The school had a class where everyone passed their exams the year before, and they thought I'D ruin their perfect score. I passed my exams, the favourite student of that authority figure didn't. HE had to sign my diploma, and his sour face was priceless. :D

6. If the sun was a different color, what color would you want it to be?
I'd say purple.

7. Dogs or cats?
Dogs. For sure. Cats hate me.

8.what happens when you've reached the end of your shovel and someone hands you a rope to kepping digging down?
I'd tell them I can't dig with a rope, ask them to get me another shovel, and probably end up getting a new one myself if that person is incompetent enough to ask me to dig a hole with a rope.

9. what the @#$% IS A SONIC!?
:iconsonicplz: <--------

10. what's my first name?
Wyatt. xD

Okay, now I'll ask stuff.

1. Since I don't tag people: why did you choose to answer these?
2. Beach vampires, yay or nay?
3. What's the first object... behind you? Ha! You thought I'd say left or right, huh?
4. Do you own any gaming consoles?
5. What got you to dA in the first place?
6. What would you do if the blue squirrels steal your cereal?
7. BEES!
8. If you'd have to fight off an attacker with a household object, which would you pick?
9. Obligatory favourite colour question?
10. Are you glad these questions are over?


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